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About formule de grasse

Influential, innovative and progressive, Formule de Grasse is reinventing a wholly modern approach to perfume. Created by Two Brothers to form a marriage between French perfumery with the treasures of an authentic Arabian blend.

Our unique collection hails from Grasse City, which is notorious for its astute fragrances. The luxury brand evokes a feeling of the freedom of the big,blue sky and the energy of the open waters, combined with an invigorating blast of fresh air.Formule de Grasse is known to only use the best ingredients. And because it only uses the best of each harvest, the Perfume House is at the mercy of Mother Nature. If a certain ingredient is not up to standard, we would rather wait until the next harvest than use subpar ingredients, which leads us to sometimes stop distributing a fragrance altogether. Formula De Grasse captures a floral explosion; a profusion of flowers that engulf your senses.Our scents awaken your deeper senses, giving you the sensation of living in your own secret garden. Scent has the power to shape our memories, feelings and emotions.

At Formula de Grasse, we acknowledge this power, and encourage everyone to embark on a journey of experimenting with scents that stir the imagination. Whether that come by way of a fresh new scent, or by way of an old favorite, we want to make this discovery of scents accessible.